Drop-In Ashtanga Yoga Classes - Henley-on-Thames, Monday mornings

Ashtanga classes are on Mondays, 10:45-12pm in Henley. 

Benefit by buying a 10-session class pass (valid for 4 months from date of purchase), or drop-in to sessions. This pass can be used at the Monday evening class in Dunsden too, so if you fancy splitting your sessions between day and evening classes, you can. 

Classes are at a fabulous new venue which is quiet and central. Athelete Service serves great coffee so you're able to grab a drink after class if you like.

The class will be limited in number so please email me to book your space as soon as possible.

Details as follows:

Where? Athlete Service, The Oast House, Greys Road Car Park, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 2AA

When? every Monday, 10:45-12pm

How much? £12.50 per class (75 minutes), or buy a 10 class pass for £100

Who is the class for? The class is suitable for those who have some knowledge/experience of yoga. It will run as a traditional Ashtanga class with prime focus on the Primary Series. A fairly challenging and dynamic class. 

Please email me if you would like more information about the class and whether it is suitable.


Drop-In Ashtanga Yoga Classes in Dunsden, Monday evenings

You can drop-in to classes or buy a 10-session class pass. This pass can be used at the Monday morning class at Athlete Service in Henley too, so if you fancy splitting your sessions between day and evening classes, you can.

Cost: £12.50 per session or £100 for a class pass (valid for 4 months from date of purchase)

When: Mondays, 7:30-8:45pm.

Some knowledge of Ashtanga yoga would be helpful. This course will maintain but also deepen one's practice. It focuses on the Primary Series with an occasional in depth look at particular postures. Some basic pranayama (breathwork) at the start of each class. 

Beginners are also welcome to come and try classes out. If new to yoga or to Ashtanga yoga, initially the learning curve will be steep. However, Ashtanga yoga is a practice where a set series of postures is pre-defined, unlike most other styles of yoga. Therefore, once the order of postures or "Asana" is learned, it is a case of practising them again and again. This will result in improved concentration, a stronger and more flexible body and an understanding of the intimate relationship between breath, the body and movement. 

Eye & Dunsden Village Hall
Dunsden Green
Reading RG4 9QG

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Please email or phone me for further details or to sign up.

Email: sian@sianyoga.com
Phone: 07775 780080

Private Classes

A majority of my classes are private. These can be particularly beneficial if you can't get to classes, have specific requirements or prefer a class in the privacy of your own home. I teach in Central London on Wednesdays and Thursdays and for the rest of the week in Henley on Thames, Marlow and its surrounding areas. Please call for availability. I operate a 24 hours cancellation policy or charge the full fee.

Corporate Classes

Some companies offer their staff yoga classes as part of the perks. Ask your employer about this as I can be contracted to run lunchtime or after-work classes for staff at your workplace. Past and current clients include: